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Aerial silks are a newer apparatus. Most popular for being seen in Cirque du Soleil, aerial silks provides elegance and beauty while the performer travels effortlessly up and down the draping fabric. From heart stopping drops to breathtaking poses, silks are best for high ceiling venues.

Height Requirements: Min. 18ft.

Diameter: Min. 6ft


Aerial Sling is another form of using the silks. It is a shorter variation, ideal for venues with lower ceilings. It is rigged into a “swing-like” apparatus perfect for spinning and aerial contortion. Also available for aerial bartending.

Height Requirements: Min. 15 ft.

Diameter: 6ft.

Diameter: Min. 6 ft.


Trapeze is one of the most famous traditional circus acts. While it is one of the most exciting aerial apparatus, trapeze allows for a variety of acts such as fun/upbeat, sexy/burlesque, form driven modern dance, and more. It is available for a single or double person act.

Height Requirements: Min. 18ft

Diameter: Min. 6ft


Duo and group acts are a perfect way to design entertainment specifically to your theme. Whether it is a love story in the air or an exciting group number on the ground, the possibilities are endless! Ask about one of our set acts or ask us to create a unique one for your next event. We offer acts in all aerial apparatuses as well as on the ground.


Wow your guests with a daring fire act. Whether it is fire eating, fire breathing, fire whips, or a sexy fire dance, fire is always a great attention grabber. Available for single, duo, or group acts.

Requirements: MIN. 12ft ceilings, building with fire permit, big open area (MIN. 7ft diameter).


Stilt walking is the perfect ambient act. Keep your guests entertained with bigger than life characters to fit your theme. They make perfect greeters and are great for indoor and outdoor events.

Height Requirements: Min. 12 ft.

Other requirements: Even Floors.


Add a unique touch to your next event by allowing us to create custom characters to fit your theme. Our costume designer will chat with you about your overall concept and help you bring your ideas to live! 

Don't see the act you were looking for? Not to worry! We have plenty more to choose from! Simply fill out the Contact Form and tell us what you are looking for. We have plenty more to offer! Other acts available include:

Actors, Acro Balance, Aerial Bartenders, Body Painters, Choreographers, Contortionists, Dancers, Drag Queens, DJs, Lyra, Make-up Artists, Models, Pole, Photographers, Riggers, Rope, and MUCH MORE....