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K A R A  

Aerial Silks, Sling, Rope, Duo Sling, Duo Trapeze, Duo Lyra, Invented Apparatus, Stilt Walking, Acro Duo, Character Walkaround

Kara has been a thrill seeker her entire life from day one. Starting with climbing trees at a young age she has always taken to the air. Moving her tree skills to rock climbing in high school she quickly advanced on the walls and started travelling around the nation to explore cliffs everywhere.

In 2006, Kara moved from her home state of Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia, to further explore the world of rock climbing. This took her on international explorations and landed her in magazines and calendars. With all the travel and new popularity her love for being off the ground kept growing.

Three years later in 2009, Kara was introduced to the aerial arts through Sky Gym. Instantly falling in love, she soared quickly into performing and instructing the aerial arts. With such an athletic background and no fear of heights, she has taken the aerial arts into exciting locations, and offers incredible performances of strength and ability seen as an effortless dance in the air.

Kara has taken her natural talent, lack of fear, and perhaps a few loose screws into the creative side of pushing the envelope. Her vertical skills are unlimited, covering a wide range of beauty and grace all the way to the sexy and edgy. She has turned her high-energy and enthusiasm to aerial silks and venturing into a variety of other aerial acrobatics. She regularly updates her unique performances to encompass events, promotions, parties, festivals, and anybody who desires a fun twist to any gathering.

Throughout her career as a silks performer, Kara has been referred to as a "talented", "professional", and "self-reliant" entertainer to anyone requesting a 'Cirque'- style show. Happily working with the host to cater her performance to the vibe of the event, Kara Jones is flexible both physically and professionally.