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M E L I S S A  

Trapeze, Silk, Lyra, Invented Apparatus, Harness Flying, Stunt Flying, Duo Acts, Solo Acts, Dance, Bullwhips, Fire, Stilts, Character Walkaround, Costume Design

Originally a Lingerie, Apparel and costume designer, Melissa let her love of music carry her into dance and ultimately found aerial dance. She now finds herself performing on stages, in theaters, galleries and nightclubs much like the performers she once costumed. Melissa enjoys the spotlight and a breathless audience, hearing the surprise and screams coming from a crowd or watching the lights dance on her skin while she defies gravity. Most of all she aims to be an expression of beauty, music, or theme touching the audience in a striking, memorable and inspiring way. While Melissa believes that she is an aerial dancer above all choices of apparatus, she hopes to repopularize trapeze as a highly dynamic apparatus through her work and videos. As a trainer, Melissa has developed her own modalities for teaching and believes this to be one mark of a safe teacher who invests time, thought, and experience into their students. She loves to coach and choreograph and create characters with her students as she sees them grow into their abilities. She views her training as having holistic approach and while she values expression, she demands intentionality with form, effort, and gesture. Melissa is founder of Dances In Air, which has released the first trapeze teaching dvd, and she teaches at festivals around North and Central America, and hosts her own aerial retreats year round in multiple countries.