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Actor, Dancer, Trapeze, Trapeze Duo, Stilts, Character Walkaround

Bachelor in International Relations from Universidade Ibero-Americana in 2003. While attending school, he took up the university drama group, taking part in shows and studies.  In the same period he was also a coordinator and a host at International  Relations Week.  

He travelled to Spain in 2004 where he studied and worked as a model and an actor for six months. 


In 2005, back to Brazil, he started his professional career as a host. At the same time he started his studies at Wolf Maya Actors School and acting at musicals for kids all over Latin America  with Exim Character, which at that time,  held the copyright on Barney, Strawberry Shortcake, Sponge Bob, Lazy Town, Backyardigans, etc.  

At the end of his studies at Wolf Maya Actors School he joined the cast of the play “ Se Casamento Fosse Bom...”, which was a box-offfice hit directed by Rosi Campos, and played seven characters at the same time.  

Between the tour, he used to combine his job as a host at Netshoes and at Quiz TV, in TV Gazeta.  

He has been dedicating to the circus arts since 2012, taking part at a number of solo and trapeze performances. In addition to the activities above, he owns a communication agency, where he applies his knowledge in order to assist professionals from different fields to reach better results on their presentations.